I’m a graphic designer from Chicago. I have a passion for all facets of design, but my major interest is branding—I love how an amazing design can help you begin to tell the story of a company, and I love to be part of the storytelling process.

Project: EvoAir Brand

EvoAir Brand Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design

Fictional branding  strategy for an international luxury airline, that would be competing on the world market.

Project: Bamboo Brand

Bamboo Brand Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design

Branding strategy for a fictional ethnic restaurant, that serves Pan-Asian cuisine that features Philipino, Japanese, and Chinese food with a modern twist.

Project: Dry Tortugas Digital Publication

Dry Tortugas Digital Publication Graphic Design

Digital publication for the national park services that was to highlight key features of the park and be visually appealing.

Project: Expressive Typography

Expressive Typography Graphic Design, Illustration

Expressive Typography project for graphic design class, I used drafting skills to produce a two point drawing of the word expressive at different levels and left line work to show how the design was created.

Project: Coaster Poster

Coaster Poster Graphic Design

Expressive poster that illustrates the concept of a coaster.

Project: Coffee Culture Digital Publication

Coffee Culture Digital Publication Graphic Design

A fictional digital publication that would be updated biweekly upon interesting aspects and features of the world of coffee.